I close my eyes and look inside
I reach within and concentrate
Let the weariness subside
So that I can contemplate

I try to find the explanation
Of understanding and happiness
Where you can lay the foundation
Of merriment and togetherness

Only need to take a good look around
I watch the clouds float by
I know where happiness is found
I hear a newborn baby sigh

I see it in the magic of the stars
I can taste it in the raspberry
Or in a heart with healing scars
Or in the scent of lavender ecstasy

I can reach the highest mountain
To see the sun rise every day
Take a sip from a dewdrops fountain
And live my happy life my own way

Grandfather and grandson

Grandpa is a jack of all trades
A baseball player with an awesome stroke
He is helping his grandson with his grades
A jolly man and always in for a cracking joke

Grandson is studious and very curious
He wants to know all grandpa knows
Doesn’t matter if it’s fact or mysterious
He wants to know the cons and pros

They are like hand and glove
And are the best of friends
Between them there is only love
A deep friendship that never ends

Garden of Serenity

Surrounding myself with stillness
I will not say a word, just hush
And banish the sound of shrillness
Enjoy the exuberant lush

Of my garden with its flowers
The grass so soft with morning dew
Awakened in the first hours
I charge myself within this view

My secretive place filled with light
Sunny places which look sublime
Where the peacefulness will ignite
My love will linger, shared through time

The rainbow colours fill my heart
And embrace my identity
With all the good I will impart
In my garden of serenity

Funtime in Heaven

Thank you earth

My grandmother relayed me a message
She’s been resting in heaven for a while
Lately it became awfully boring
They were in desperate need for a smile

Most residents were sleepy and dozing
There was nothing to do, they’ve seen it all
No stimulation, no fun anymore
They needed to have a masquerade ball

Then last week suddenly everything changed
David Bowie came singing swift around
Putting the biggest smile on our faces
With his ever-changing heroic sound

We like to see him as the conductor
Of a fascinating glam rocky band
He orchestrated his album black star
A swansong of a shocking end he planned

Shortly he was followed by an actor
With an ultimate two-faced devious mind
Alan Rickman brought us true mystery
Of an insightful incantations kind

We see him as headmaster of heaven
To teach us how to ensnare the senses
At the same time how to bewitch the mind
To bottle fame and wand-wave defences

And then our Rene Angelil followed
He took control of heaven right away
Because managing is in his genes
He’s always tidying all disarray

He took us swift to the bingo table
And let us choose a mesmerizing song
So David could be angelic singing
And headmaster Alan would play along

So now at length it’s fun time in heaven
We keep our coloured translucent wings furled
For the bottled fame, the high-roller stakes
And for the man who could have sold the world


When I look into your smokey eyes
I see a fire burning fierce
When I take a sip of your lips
I hear your sweet words trembling down

When I touch your skin so softly
I feel your fire through my body
When I feel your body near me
I’ll quietly embrace your love

Feeling blue

Negative thoughts all around
Pulling the life out of you
All your feelings to be drowned
Leaves you to feel somewhat blue

Fiery temper is all that’s left
And that behaviour so violent
Leaves me thinking I am bereft
Nothing left but to be silent

I have no more patience with you
You have chosen not to trust me
There is no more time to rescue
There’s almost nothing left of me

Fanletter to Tim McGraw

Fanletter to Tim McGraw

I stumbled upon your music
Just a couple of years ago
Instantly I became a fan
I liked the rhythm and the flow

You inspired me to write a poem
About the things you stirred in me
So here it is, the very first
Poem you’ve motivated me


Tim McGraw

The minute I heard his song
I knew I was hooked for life
I’ve been searching for so long
And then to hear him so rife

His voice isn’t flawless
The words silly sometimes
But the rhythm gives me solace
No need for perfect rhymes

He sings of love and pleasures
Of kisses, hearts and dances
All kinds of pretty treasures
And of failures and chances

He puts a smile on my face
A bouncing step in my heart
His joy is like an embrace
It just feels like I take part

I feel his love crumbling down
And I watch the wind blow by
I see trains passing ghost town
And I know grown men don’t cry

I love him for what he gave
Feelings of love, pains and wrongs
Of sorrow and misbehave
And real heartbreak in his songs


So I really want to thank you
For the muse you became to me
I close my eyes and see your face
And let my pondering run free

Family portrait

Grandpa is a friendly man
A heart as big as the sky
His arms are warm and cozy
He is just a simple guy

Grandma on the other hand
Is a bundle full of skills
She is always creative
With unnecessary frills

Son number one is restive
Wants to roam around the world
Live this life to the fullest
With his mighty wings unfurled

Daughter one is fidgety
She is always on the run
She must be strong for she is
Married to my eldest son

Son two is comprehensive
His face always has a smile
He can love the whole wide world
And be very versatile

Daughter two is impatient
Life cannot go fast enough
Although life throws her lemons
She still maintains strong and tough

There was a gift from heaven
With help from a petri dish
She was born with smiles and joy
As a long-waited-for wish

The last kid is the finest
She is amazingly sweet
And with this last addition
Our family is complete

Oh my, I almost forgot
Do you see that totem pole
The cats living in our house
Rule us all in full control


She lives in a land of make-believe
Of trickery and invention
She creates a world where she can grieve
In order to get the opposite attention

They all think that she is very strong
But I recognise that it is all a sham
She is the centre of all things wrong
I can’t help in thinking it’s merely a scam

She puts up a very nice display
But I don’t think she thought it through
There comes a day she has to repay
And rebound the feelings she threw

Because in the end she is just faking
And ‘crying wolf’ for way too long
For a heart that says it’s breaking
She surely knows that she is acting wrong

For her sake I hope there comes a day
She will shed her wolf’s disguise
Stops the masquerade and the play
Throws away the pretence and put down the lies