Sound of ocean waves

The sun was rising over the mountaintops
The gale blowing through the caves
And just when the wind of music drops
I heard the sound of ocean waves

I saw the bird climbing in height
And on the flow of the blowing gale
She floated her magnificent flight
Like the convex press of the sail

The experience was of sheer greatness
The whirling winds trembled the earth
The breathtaking bird seemed weightless
It was like the arise of a beautiful birth

Some day

I sow the seed that makes life fun
To create new life under the sun
Life will give us more than tension
It expands to a new dimension
Someday, but not today

There are so many things to do
It will be far too much to chew
When I stop writing of wonderment
Of love and cries I have spent
Someday, but not today

When love no longer brightens up my day
And my vision turns into grey
I’ll stop telling you I need your kiss
And it is your touch that I will miss
Someday, but not today

Smoky pub on a rainy night

Will there ever be an amount of time that I don’t feel the smite
Of the loss of that song in a smoky pub on a rainy night
Will I forget the magnitude of losing my foolish mind
And the musical fascination of the love I leave behind

Where can I find the magic I need if I want to change the world
The scars upon my flesh are healed, but the wound to my heart is whirled
Do I carry all the power inside myself to gain control
Like in the tearful songs you hear the breaking of your heart and soul

The eagerness to live beyond everlasting time and places
To forget about the nasty moments and the lurid faces
Will it be an illusion of the fear I want to leave behind
Or is it my expectation and foolish heart that has been blind

You realise that we are the only ones who can free ourselves
The moment when you fling the windows and pick your soul from the shelves
And after a multitude of holes, valleys and high mountaintops
The dejection and loneliness slows you down, but it never stops

She took it all

She took it all
All that I had
Even the thoughts
I didn’t know I thought
Just by the slap of her hand
She took my belief away

She took it all
All that I had
Even the things
I didn’t understand
Just by the thrust of a stick
She took my innocence away

She took it all
All that I had
Even the things
I didn’t get possessed
Just by the decision she made
She took my heart away

She took it all
All that I had
Even the right
I really thought I had
Just by the scribble of the pen
She took my name away

She took it all
All that I had
Even the expectations
I, maybe naïve, ever had
Just by a few ill-chosen words
She took my confidence away

She called him out

For a fleeting moment he felt a sudden shock
She called him out to display her his emotion
But he wouldn’t want his pent-up heart to unlock
Although he loved her by absolute devotion

She was constantly in his thoughts
Filled the emptiness of his soul
She was his line between the dots
Her touch made him lose his control

She was the beginning of his world
And also the end when time stood still
Yearning made his emotions unfurled
A predatory hunger to fill

A soul-searching kiss from her, stirred his blood
Deriving pleasure and flames of desire
Her caress filled him with overwhelming flood
His eyes did sparkled his devotion’s fire

Shallow hole

I hear you knocking, knocking on my front door
For the umpteenth time you are asking for more
But this time I am not in the mood to give
I haven’t got the heartiness to be positive

I close my eyes and pretend I only see shadows
I let go and don’t care where the wind blows
Only know that what has happened, is past
I have found my peace of mind at last

I finally realize it’s no longer in my hand
Our love was just a shallow hole in the sand
I was only running towards a brickwall
Wondering if you ever knew me at all

Shades of midnight

When the clock strikes at midnight life seemed to change
Shades of the evening turned into something strange
The soft hues of the evening sky disappeared
Instead there was a sudden brightness so weird

A dark purple clashed with bright paprika spice
Then licorice and blue competed so nice
Cinnamon and chocolate fired up the sky
A bit of gold was added to amplify

I wondered if I was moved to fairyland
Never before did I see colors so grand
But when I opened my eyes I understood
My imaginative dreams are far too good


My hands are searching in the dark
Vain for a tangible proof
Dazed in my desperation
Sufficating in sorrow

Would I not trade my life
To return all this suffering
To give my life for you
Joyfully start again

Now I am here without you
With empty hands
All my love left
A dream shattered

You will always be with me


When the sadness overwhelms me
And gloomy nights are just too long
I think about things that could be
Of a future where I’ll be strong

When the sadness overwhelms me
And I know I am all alone
I contemplate and disagree
With all the common things unknown

When the sadness overwhelms me
Realizing that no one shares
I’m weeping over what could be
And deep passion nobody cares

When the sadness overwhelms me
I reach within and find the guts
And know that my heart can be free
My bravery outshines the cuts

Reflections on a window

I look outside and see the world pass by
When I close my eyes I see reflection
Because I realise that when I watch
I only see part of a collection

I see myself on the different side
Trying to look at my intricate life
But all I see is illumination
Of a hot-headed and discordant strife

It’s only in the middle of the night
When it’s silent and all the lights turned low
That I can distinguish a life’s journey
I see a reflection, a shade of glow

When the nightlight radiates in my eyes
And I can have peace with my existence
I know I can embrace the whole wide world
So easy without any resistance

So if you just let me in my night life
I will be as satisfied as can be
Because in the end all there is to know
The reflections are solely seen by me