Drown in sorrow

It is so easy to drown in your sorrow
It is so easy to always feel your pain
It is so easy to forget about tomorrow
It is so easy to only see the rain

I tried my best to let you see
That there always is a future
An open heart that is the key
A loving smile a binding suture

But you close your eyes
For all the good I have send
You wouldn’t accept my advice
You choose to not be my friend

My heart is full, my mind is clear
I did the best I could
You really were never here
But I still wished you would


I have written 25 poems in 25 days.
And I am actually drained
Suddenly the fun is totally gone
I am feeling a bit constrained

There are still five poems to go
It has gone from fun to obligation
I looked everywhere and nowhere
But I can’t find any inspiration

I will try to give it another day
Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some motivation
But only if I can find new things
To write about without reservation

Dragon at the door

I am the dragon at the door
To keep my loved ones save
I have said it once before
That you really need to behave

On the top of my tower
The only thing I require
Is supernatural power
I’m puffing and breathing fire

If you draw my blood
I will slay your head
I will spit my fire flood
You have everything to dread

Don’t come near my lair
I’m rushing from my cave
It’s better you don’t even dare
But well…
you are that brave

Do you love me enough

Will you marry me, do you love me enough
It is important for me to know
Am I now calling your bluff
I need an answer, I want to grow

I can’t make sense of what you want
You keep coming back to me
Your soul is here to haunt
I can’t get myself free

Today you love me, tomorrow you leave
Today my soul is shaking
Today you are staying, tomorrow I greave
Tomorrow my heart will be breaking

I am desperate to tell you how I feel
How much I care for you
But I don’t think for you it’s real
I doubt you ever knew

How you made my heart soar
In my thoughts you will always be
I love you forever more
I don’t want to set you free


When I look into the past
I don’t see anything that last
I see sorrow and the shame
I can only feel hurt and pain

And I ask myself, does it stay this way
Does it take the rest of my life to pay
What is it that I do wrong
Can I really stay this strong

How distorted is the mirror in which I see
The task that has been given to me
Tell me, how can I ever change my mind
To see the things I really want to find

Because I surely want to live
I have got so much love to give
All that I’m feeling and all that I am
Just come with me and take my hand

I need direction, a goal to live by
Just a subtle wind on which I can fly
Fly to the stars and dance with the moon
I need to find my destination soon

Dear diary

At the closing of daylight
I wanted to let you know
What’s happening in my heart
And that it’s been long ago

That I wrote my feelings down
Or discussed with anyone
That I cried bittersweet tears
When my happiness was gone

When life threw me a curve ball
His support made me feel whole
He shielded me and my child
And owned a part of my soul

His strong embrace kept me warm
When my whole life fell apart
He touched me with affection
And took a piece of my heart

These days it is only me
The one who hears my heartbeat
Sense the loneliness pounding
And think of the past so sweet

My dear and patient diary
I just wanted you to know
With your blank pages waiting
I’m capable to let go


I am dreaming in images
Of witches of the medieval times
In ancient and faded villages
Or life that was full of crimes

I am dreaming of arms full of roses
Of delight and the sweet idleness
The offbeat rhythm of the proses
Or protest songs of righteousness

I am dreaming of the taste of love
Of staying together side by side
And with the freedom like a dove
Or lives bound to be tied

I am dreaming of love as decision
To make the best of me
It is a joy to envision
Or how to be the best I can be

Damaged heart

By the loud cracking sound of her heart
She felt the organ splintered apart
Unwanted love gave her restless sleep
None of all was intended to keep

She thought if she would persevere
And hold on without chilling fear
Undauntedness would be enough
To have had returned equal love

But fate drew its own whimsical course
Genuine love is not to enforce
Wanting what’s hopeless would be in vain
She would never be the same again

She tried to hide her ugly scars
Not behind sharp thistles or bars
But to mask it with stunning art
On the edge of her damaged heart


Seventeen different ladies
Creating fantastic things nice
They will do their uttermost best
Never to make creations twice

Every year they are present
When the contest starts anew
They are always curious
To know how and if they grew

The competition is fierce
They all know that at the start
Still they come back every year
Because they want to take part

And at the end of the party
They leave with regrets in their heart
A solid memory received
In the form of a handmade card

Computer crash

Computer Crash

Grr …
I had a major crash down
Of my computer yesterday
I really had the urge
To throw it all away

Grr …
The anxiety was way to high
I didn’t feel okay
I have a commitment to uphold
But it’s all in disarray

Grr …
It’s alright if I can’t type my poem
I will use a pen, that’s okay
But when I can’t make my creations
I feel as if I’ll slip away

Grr …
I worked frantically
Until the early morning day
And tried to mend that link
So I could surprise you today