Complaining, complaining, nothing else I hear
When it is not too short, it sure is too long
When it’s not too weak, it surely is too strong
Please let all your yammering just disappear

I do not think we have nothing left to spare
We can give the homeless some suitable meals
And try to understand how he really feels
We must be honest and not walking on air

Instead of magnify the Christmas disease
Can we give a hand to the children worldwide
Can we for once let anyone stand outside
Instead of insincere bending on our knees

As long as we have a roof over our head
And an exorbitant meal on the table
Do you ever think humankind is able
To try and wipe off the tears the children shed

This is meant to let you encounter unease
Will you please look at them and not close your eyes
Don’t make loud noises to obviate the cries
Oh, can we finally stop complaining please


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Monday morning starts really good
Cleaning day for the living room
I am just in the proper mood
And starting out with my white plume

Then I’m getting the vacuum cleaner out
With a hum in my throat and not fearing
Because without a shadow of a doubt
All that very dirty filth is clearing

The windowpanes are next in line to do
I am standing on the steps really high
Sighing because it is long overdue
When suddenly I see some bright clear sky

Well that will be nice for a change
Clean windows and a fine fresh smell
You would think it is very strange
My spirit is lifted as well

Then suddenly I hear a zooming noise
Something is disturbing me in my sleep
I realise I’m in a state of poise
Don’t want to end this dream I need to keep

But then the reality keeps kicking in
It is time to get out of my warm bed
And then I understand with a huge grin
There’s only a little cat to be fed

Today I don’t have anything to do
It’s not my task to do the house today
I remember just in time it is true
The nice cleaning lady is here to stay


It was the biggest choice in her life
She just didn’t know
Deliberations took a while
Should she stay or should she go

She finally found her mister right
However he lived so far away
Would she follow him to the end of earth
Or should she give in and stay

She left a part of her heart at the seaside
When she finally followed him inland
She doubted if the choice was right
But his love was too strong to withstand

Instead of feeling sad and sorry
She just takes a trip now and then
She travels to the corner of Holland
And feels like she can breathe again

Love is comprehensive
And when you need to measure
The worth of longing or love
The seaside is only a treasure

‘Cause nothing else mattered

I try and I try again
I will not give up hope
But every time I try
I’ll cling to a fragile rope

The illusionist can let that rope
So easily disappear
My heart is drenched in sadness
My shattered confidence in fear

The disappointment is cutting deep
Every time anew
When I realize that my beliefs
And the things I regard as true

Are nothing more than a vision
Of a perfect world that doesn’t exist
Of make-believe and fairy tales
Of fortune that I wished

All that’s left is sadness
Every illusion shattered
But still I try again
‘Cause nothing else mattered

Calm delight

I wandered along the creek
And took another clearer look
And saw an amazing streak
Reflected in my garden nook

Sweet aroma flows around
Inside my covered garden wall
With closed eyes I heard the sound
When the warm spring air heed its call

Total seclusion of my place
In my secret world of solitude
I relish the chirping space
My worn heart fills with gratitude

I see myself in the stream
The rippling water clear and bright
When I saw the moon’s first gleam
I knew I dreamt in calm delight

Butterfly in my window

There’s a butterfly in my window
In colors of all shades and hues
She flutters with her translucent wings
And softly blows away the blues

Suddenly I can hear my soul sing
I sense the place where I belong
In rhythm with the hum of the sky
I follow the tune of the song

Don’t want to hold on to broken trust
Or wanting to come back to you
I only want the freedom to fly
Just like the bright butterflies do

Brand new smile

It’s just me you are looking at
Plain and simple, just and fair
A nice lady with a ginger cat
A few friends who are worth my care

I have an honest smile to give
And a heartwarming word
Always the first to forgive
As long as it is not too absurd

My life is peaceful and serene
Nothing fancy or surreal
Just an easy-going routine
So let me tell you how I feel

When my joints start to ache
And any movement is hard to bear
When my perseverance is about to break
And I am in the depth of my despair

Trapped in a nightmare of violence
What I really want to do is scream
Drift in the middle of silence
And wish it was just a bad dream

I want to tear everything apart
With scratching nails on the board
To kill the madness of my burning heart
With the playing of a wrong chord

So if you need me and I am not there
Just wait in patience for a little while
I’ll be back, don’t know when or where
Like a phoenix with a brand new smile


Driving down the road to happiness
I looked at you with an introverted smile
Because with every bump in the road
We came closer together mile after mile

I felt my love bouncing up and down
Saw the dazzling impact of the water drops
When they fell down in a sea of sand
With the certainty that our love never stops

It spreads out like the water’s rippling
When you cast unconditional love around
‘Cause what you freely give bounces back
And you know for sure when your soulmate is found

Blessed be

What makes the power of nature
The overwhelming view of the world
The urge of the goddess to nurture
The magic and wisdom unfurled

Why is it that we worship the mother
And the maiden is being praised
We learn to accept each other
A perfect blend of how we are raised

The love of the earth within us is deep
Our free spirited mind will help us through
And when our lovely earth is asleep
The worshipped goddess gives us view

Of a new awareness of what is worth
The sky, the ocean or the tree
And the constant renewal of the earth
For we are one, blessed be


I was so afraid, scared to death
Alone in the middle of the night
Even too afraid to hold my breath
Trying to hold on with all my might

The creepy sounds were all around
The dense fog dampened all sight
The eerie barking of a lonely hound
That kept me breathless with fright

Around the corner I should be secure
Just a few steps and then to the right
I know I am safe for sure
I finally stepped in the lantern light