Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Monday morning starts really good
Cleaning day for the living room
I am just in the proper mood
And starting out with my white plume

Then I’m getting the vacuum cleaner out
With a hum in my throat and not fearing
Because without a shadow of a doubt
All that very dirty filth is clearing

The windowpanes are next in line to do
I am standing on the steps really high
Sighing because it is long overdue
When suddenly I see some bright clear sky

Well that will be nice for a change
Clean windows and a fine fresh smell
You would think it is very strange
My spirit is lifted as well

Then suddenly I hear a zooming noise
Something is disturbing me in my sleep
I realise I’m in a state of poise
Don’t want to end this dream I need to keep

But then the reality keeps kicking in
It is time to get out of my warm bed
And then I understand with a huge grin
There’s only a little cat to be fed

Today I don’t have anything to do
It’s not my task to do the house today
I remember just in time it is true
The nice cleaning lady is here to stay

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