When times passes by

When time passes by and you don’t know where you have been
You need to reflect of all the things you let within

It is the moment to consider your direction
The real purpose of your life and your true intention

To let go of the people who let you down and leave
To say soothing words of farewell and take time to grieve

This way you create space for ideas and a restart
To dream of and design your life as a work of art

Shake your sorrows and your pains and leave your gloom behind
Get yourself spiritual freedom and peace of mind

The world can run without you for a while, bask your life
Because all quarrel and troubles of mankind is rife

So to all of you I wish to share this prophecy
It is my solemn but valuable philosophy

We don’t want to share

We live in a world of abundance
But we simply do not want to share
Who knows there comes a difficult time
Where we require extensive care

The prospect that there is nothing left
Gives us a creepy and dreadful fright
We’re afraid of losing everything
We lost humanity out of sight

So we keep saying stay where you are
Do not leave your country or your home
The world isn’t a very nice place
It will be much safer not to roam

And every night on the evening news
We see your starvation and despair
And in our cosy and loving homes
We still wonder how much you can bear

I see the tears and the sunken cheeks
My heart is bleeding and rips apart
And with suffocation of my soul
I shamefully open up my heart


He didn’t know it at the time
His life existed in poverty and grime
The only way he could survive
Was at the age of thirty-five

To create a painting of a sulfur-colored sun
In an air of pure cobalt to show everyone
That he still could create an eternity
With the deafening silence of taciturnity

Just two years before his dying day
While enjoying a Beaujolais
He gave us a magnificent treasure
That centuries later we still have the pleasure

To experience the pain of the sunflowers
That he painted in the small hours
Of his ever-decreasing life
He finally quit the long-drawn strife

Urban reflections

I hear the soughing of the tram over the rails
In the fast whiz I see a reflection mirrored
Of the comfortable pub along the canal
And the advertisement on the bulletin board

Bright neon lights and screaming colours fill the air
The rails shine with raindrops in unusual ways
And on the footpath that flows like a labyrinth
People follow each other in a polonaise

I step outside my box and search for perspectives
In the puddles I can see the abstract movement
And the symmetry of interesting angles
Capturing urban reflections on the pavement


What drives you again and again to stress
That turmoil in your soul
The answer is simple
You are no longer in control

Environment, your work, the others
They always get the blame
But really you have to look
At your own impatience in shame

By becoming not accepting
The world offering you dreams
Aim yourself at realisation
From that which is or seems

So through your own thinking
You make a repressed wildness for yourself
And every exclamation of protest resounds
In your spiritual depths in and of itself

So you try to spend less time
For energy with things that strife
To achieve some balance and peace
Instead of yearning smouldering your life

Treasure hunt

They are hidden everywhere
The fair treasures of your life
You can find them anywhere
With odd shapes and colours rife

You can find them in your dances
Or in your poetry and songs
Life is just a set of chances
A treasure chest that belongs

Your life is like a scrapping card
With different bits of pieces
The feelings you don’t disregard
Your well-being just increases

So if you find some scraps around
Don’t throw them thoughtlessly away
Because at some time in your life you found
You should have saved it for today

Traces in the sky

Your thoughts are a reality
They will never perish
Their operation is mysteriously
It encourages the creation

So good, so evil, they continue to work
A blessing or danger
Be more careful and conscious
What do you do to others

Gaze up in sincere respect
The infinite game
If you see your traces in the sky
Is it good? Does it well?

Touch from heaven

Suddenly a contented smile traces my face
I thought I felt a tiny whisper on my cheek
It was as if I was finally touched by grace
And was led into the magnificent mystic

I was immersed in a bright starburst of pleasure
Release hit me, I let the moment draw me in
I knew I was given a tremendous treasure
And felt the passionate understanding within

This touch from heaven I was craving for so long
Gave me solace and a deep sense of connection
Your unimaginably deep love made me strong
It gave me inspiration, strength and protection

Too much

I don’t know what to think anymore
My brain is way too full
It’s hard to handle or ignore
That constant tear and pull

It doesn’t matter where you look
On the telly or in the streets
In a magazine or small book
On a bench or under the sheets

Wherever I go I hear the hum
Of too much information
The constant beating of the drum
It’s an unbearable situation

I’d like to hear myself think
Of wonderful conception
To write it down in indelible ink
The reality of my perception

But alas it isn’t meant to be
My skull is way to small
My crazy thoughts can’t flow free
There is no space at all