Dusk world

The memory of our kiss still flaring bright
You burned that kiss into my soul
You set my entire life alight
You make me misplace all control

I submit myself to my silent screams
Can I ask for a chance to love
Or will you steal my hopeless dreams
And are you staying there above

Was it all a fantasy which will end
The moment I open my eyes
Did I imagine and pretend
And did I just hear my own cries

There is just one more thing I need to do
Before I post my wishing list
And that is counting all the stars
In the dusk world where you exist

Journey for a thousand mile

Once in a while you are feeling sad
You worked so hard and had such high hopes
It doesn’t mean that something is bad
It just desolates you when life gropes

Sometimes you need a bit of sureness
The knowing that you did it alright
A little bit of pure greatness
A sudden awareness of delight

And then you suddenly realize
Only you yourself can be the one
To decide if you will compromise
Or that you will dance around the sun

A pat on the back from a stranger
Can lift you up, leaves you feeling good
But you must realize the danger
Of not really knowing that you could

Be yourself, love yourself and then smile
Because you did find your own power
You are proud and happy for a while
You’ll flourish and grow like a flower

Just like the beanstalk growing higher
On your lonely flight to meet the sun
Your wings smouldering into the fire
The knowingness that you are the one

The one who dares to live and loves life
The one who can say to all of man
That whatever happens you’ll survive
And live your life the best way you can

So when the sadness overwhelms you
Close your eyes and believe for a while
Know your troubles will pass right on through
On your journey for a thousand mile

Jim Morrison

On the shores of Venice Beach
He feels a rebellious urge
To expand himself to teach
And find he is on the verge

He composed his songs non stop
And wrote his wild lyrics down
Like rock beat on the rooftop
And challenged us for his crown

His apparent recklessness
Or air of subdued menace
Improvising carelessness
Starts at the beach of Venice

Je suis Charlie

Who are you to take our art away
Who are you to make us hurt
Who are you to make us obey
Who are you to take us your dirt

You really think that when you are near
We get our lives completely sealed
We stop living because of the fear
And we never will be healed

Who are you to think you are the ruler of our world
Who are you to take away the life of me
Who are you to make us tightly furled
Who are you to choke us of not feeling free

Freedom of expression is our top priority
We don’t need a god ruling, we don’t need a crown
And because we are still a majority
You will never get us down

Je suis charlie

It’s time

Every time I see you
You’ve got something on your mind
Thoughts you really need to tell
Some gossip you hide behind

You spray your poison
Your despicable judgement of all
Your low opinion of people
Destined for a high fall

I’ve had enough of your convictions
It’s time for you to leave
I’ll close my door and send you on
I give you no more chance to deceive

I will free myself of all your negativity
Your so-called pains and sorrow
All the heartless words you spill
I’ll wake up reassured tomorrow

I have done the righteous thing
To remove you from my life
To enjoy the nice things around
To really feel I am alive

Because I don’t like to be sucked in
The early feeling of the night
The dark mentality you have
I’d rather go into the light


After a year of writing poems every day
I have almost reached my senility
But to avoid that I lose my ability
I need to go all the way

Just let my thoughts steer my pen
Use my imagination and versatility
But how great is the possibility
I write something great yet again

Only rhyme for rhyme is not enough
Where is the line between acceptability
Of craziness and adaptability
Or keeping your head high and being tough

I need to keep my standards high
How far can I go in admissibility
Of quality and comprehensibility
Before you will hue and cry

I just need a prompt to enthral
And write a poem about invisibility
But how great is the probability
You then don’t see anything at all

Impetuous Heart

In my land of make belief
Life can be very spontaneous
There will never be any grief
Everything else is miscellaneous

We play a game of elements
Of deception with rules of extremes
We juggle with the sentiments
Of magic moments and dreams

We would love to be incautious
To wear our funny hats proud
All responsibility is suppositious
All hotheadedness is allowed

We dance upon air and temptation
When chasing the fire anyone takes part
This is the power of creation
The imagination of my impetuous heart

I wondered

I wondered

If I could go back in time, where would I go
To the eighties with the Tracey Ullman show
Or watching E.T. and listening to Queen
With the biggest hairstyles you have ever seen

Or would I go to the industrial age
Lavish in science fiction and fantasy
Of the Victorian-era and engage
In alternative steam punk and ecstasy

I wondered

Would I rather be the lady in distress
To be saved by a handsome round table knight
And when my castle was to be repossessed
He would protect me against evil and fight

Or could I make up a pipe dream illusion
That I was born with magical elven blood
Or dragon tears and came to the conclusion
I conquered the world with terrifying flood

I wondered

Would I have had the same dreams and ambitions
And cherished the values of times long ago
Could I have lived with unyielding traditions
Or would I have easily sailed with the flow

I’m not really sure to where I would have gone
Maybe I just like to stay in my own time
Where I can dream and fantasize and move on
To a poem with flowing rhythm and rhyme

I sing you a song

Look up at the star spangled sky
I sure hope all your dreams come true
I will sing you a lullaby
I’ll only sing it just for you

In the song you can feel the spring
With a fragment of ocean’s blue
And sense a little bit of swing
That is when I believe in you

On the way I will take your hand
In this song I give you my heart
And suddenly you’ll understand
It’s a very nice place to start

Something quite precious that will show
A friendship that will grow in years
The compassion of what we know
A treasure box of smiles and tears

I said no

I said no but you still started to talk
I said no but you wouldn’t stop
I said no but you started to stalk
I said no but you wouldn’t let it drop

All the subtle warnings you didn’t understand
All the obvious signs you missed
All the advice slipped like grains of sand
All the hints dismissed with a flick of your wrist

When are you listening to what I have to say
When are you finding the things I want to do
When are you acting to what I want today
When are you hearing the words that are true

You think yourself so clever
So quick to understand
You think you’re right forever
Bright and skilled and competent

But although I will not act direct
I assure you there will
An answer you likely don’t expect
A promise I shall fulfill

To be true to me and mine
In spite of all that I might lose
I know that I will be fine
And there will be no more excuse

For listening to words I don’t want to hear
For not finding the things I really care about
For all the smiles I paid so dear
For all the love I can live without

So my dearest pretender I say goodbye
You’re not welcome on my life’s path
I know I gave it a last try
I will be strong in my wrath