Journey for a thousand mile

Once in a while you are feeling sad
You worked so hard and had such high hopes
It doesn’t mean that something is bad
It just desolates you when life gropes

Sometimes you need a bit of sureness
The knowing that you did it alright
A little bit of pure greatness
A sudden awareness of delight

And then you suddenly realize
Only you yourself can be the one
To decide if you will compromise
Or that you will dance around the sun

A pat on the back from a stranger
Can lift you up, leaves you feeling good
But you must realize the danger
Of not really knowing that you could

Be yourself, love yourself and then smile
Because you did find your own power
You are proud and happy for a while
You’ll flourish and grow like a flower

Just like the beanstalk growing higher
On your lonely flight to meet the sun
Your wings smouldering into the fire
The knowingness that you are the one

The one who dares to live and loves life
The one who can say to all of man
That whatever happens you’ll survive
And live your life the best way you can

So when the sadness overwhelms you
Close your eyes and believe for a while
Know your troubles will pass right on through
On your journey for a thousand mile

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