Written in the sand

I walked along the seashore
My heart full of angry emotion
I wanted to shout out loud
Let it flow over the ocean

Instead I took up some driftwood
And wrote my anger in the sand
And near the water’s edge I noticed
I could hold my temper in hand

So all the ill thoughts of you
Won’t pass my lips today
Because this evening’s surf
Washed my anger away

You hands are signs of love

I look at my old hands and smile
They have been hurting for a while
They look like parchment and are frail
Unsteady, delicate and pale

They have worked hard and for so long
They gave solace, they can be strong
My sore fingers are oddly bent
But still I am fine and content

‘Cause what I see is all that’s good
They loved a lot and understood
The power of consolation
Of awareness and creation

Grandmother’s hands are just a gem
I would never try to hide them
Every imperfection and scar
I know how beautiful they are


Where did they go
The thoughts I used to have
The words I used to say
The dreams that used to flow?

Where did they go
The friends I used to have
The songs I used to sing
The heart I used to know?

Where did they go
The family I used to have
The things I used to do
The joy I used to show?

It all sank in the sea of forgetfulness
That’s why I found a new way
Of dealing with my absent mind
It’s woolgathering awareness

So if you ask me where I’ve been
The answer can be ridiculous
Maybe I was dancing with the muggles
Or with the spiders under my skin

But you can be sure I am not far away
I’ll be just a few minutes gone
Because even in the strangest places
I will find the here and now holding on

Without you again

Without you there is no cold
Only happiness and joyful tears
Without you I’m happy as can be
Overwhelmed with a lot of cheers

Without you there is no pain
Just pleasure in my heart
Without you my mood is stirring
We will ultimately be apart

Without you I found my home
Full of happiness and no despair
Without you I can do anything
I have all my love to share

Without you

Without you there is no warmth
No gladness and no tears
Without you my life is sad
Avoid of any cheers

Without you there’s only pain
Of an abandoned heart
Without you my mood is inert
Our lives will rip apart

Without you I’ll aimless roam
In sadness and despair
Without you I’m terrified
There’s nothing left to share