Moral courage

“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”
It seems to be for most people an oddity
Because what they want takes at any time precedence

Only few people will stand up for what is right
And know where they belong in time, space or dimension
The rare who will criticize and put up a fight
Who don’t seem to care about adapt or convention

There are those who are doing what has to be done
Some say they are heroes, but they will say they are not
It is just that they have fearlessly overwon
The terrifying cleverness of the Gordianknot

Against all odds, they will continue to protect
And they stand up for the vulnerable and the weak
Whatever they do, they always earn our respect
Because the sanctuary of our world is unique

“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”
© Quote by Robert F Kennedy


Poeff … there was a major crash
Of the stock market exchange
A big cloud evaporated my stash
I was in a state of derange

All that’s left is an old ragged jeans
I can no longer bade in wealth
I have no more funds or means
Luckily I still have my health

Monday mornings

Every day when I wake up
I stumble through my rooms
Blindly I take my coffee cup
And inhale delicious fumes

Carefully I seek my way
Along the table to my couch
Because that is the place to stay
My favourite spot to grouch

I close my eyes and take a sip
And feel the strength within myself
To reach up, cautious not to drip
And choose a book from the shelf

When I’m reading I forget the time
Completely caught up in the tale
In romance novel or in crime
My hero always would prevail

I don’t care what tasks remain
For me to do without delay
I tell myself again and again
Just one more page and I’m halfway

The next time I glance at the clock
It’s almost five in the afternoon
I suddenly fell into a shock
The day has gone by way to soon

Shamefully I realise this won’t do
I make a promise I am certain to keep
Tomorrow I will start anew
Except for that one day in the week

On Monday mornings I have found
With a lifelong comprehension
It is just too hard to turn around
So I do not have any pretension

To wake up and cheerful start the day
The Monday morning blues won’t go
Whatever come whatever may
I’ve abandoned this perception long ago

So for six days in the week I’ll try
To first finish my chores and tasks
It’s going to be tough I won’t deny
Just keep my head up if someone asks

But Monday mornings are for me
With my coffee and to grouch
On this day I am an absentee
In my favourite spot on my couch


Can you teach me how to choose
How do I know what I need to use
There is so much on this wonderful earth
But how do I know what is worth

You gave me so much stuff
Don’t you think I had quite enough
I don’t need your presents anymore
But do you know what I would adore

Will you give me a sincere cuddle
Or do you think that is too much trouble
A pat on my head, a warm embrace
Ten kisses on my cheek just in case

Will you stay with me tonight
When the moon is shining bright
Can I lay my head to rest
In your arms and upon your chest

That would be the best present I ever get
A life without sorrow or regret
Because when you know all is right
I’ll give you a kiss and hold you tight

Misty rain and autumn time

Misty rain and autumn time
The changing phases of the season
The leaves are now falling in rhyme
The turning of the earth has its reason

It is preparing us for gratitude
For all living things on earth
We need a little change to solitude
The appreciation for all things worth

An insight in the melancholy mood
Just like the autumn colors spread
We are grateful for our food
Our clothes, the roof over our head

We take some time to think about
Our family and friends
To give them shelter no doubt
And everybody wants amends

I’m longing for a summer breeze
Just for one more time
One last look at the mystical seas
The sea surf so sublime

And then I will turn around
Towards the splendor of the fall
The powerful and mighty sound
Of the leaves on branches tall


She stood alone against the wall of the room
Her eyes were roaming over the crowd
Her gaze was off putting and you would assume
She wore a sign: ‘friendship not allowed’

But instead she was looking for the one
The only person who would see
Beyond the urge to go on the run
And saw her as she truly could be

If anyone would give her a chance
To look beyond the first impression
And search for more than just a glance
Or only see her bleak expression

They would see an amazing girl
Full of wonderful imagination
With a large fantasy to unfurl
And a great feeling for conversation

She turned away and almost left the room
When a hand was laid on her arm
A knight in his magnificent costume
Whispered I do you no harm

But will you share this dance with me
And tell me how you are
Because as far as I can see
You are my shining star

I see beyond your sadness
The suffering and the bruise
Your folly and your madness
The sorrow and the blues

I see a girl with a great smile
An eagerness for life and joy
And although you can cry for a while
There’s no one that can destroy

Your inner beauty and your dreams
The cheerfulness and charms
You will never lose that so it seems
As long as you fit in my arms


When I take a peek in the scrapbook of my life
The memories fill my old and weary heart
I’ll think of all the fun things I have done
And appreciate it like a work of art

I recollect the games of ancient times
The masker for my beauty sleep
The empty elegant perfume bottles
The picnic basket that I still keep

The green tent reminds me of a holiday
With orange sun, blue see and yellow sand
Or the purple wig for the yearly carnival
At the festival where I gave a helping hand

Neatly folded I kept a piece of fabric
From the first dress that I made
It was a leftover of my bedroom curtain
Elegantly cut out from the heavy brocade

And tucked in the corner of a paper box
I find a ticket of the first movie we saw
And as strange as it might sound
An empty popcorn box and a shared straw

I open up a worn and torn address book
And I can see almost every face
I know that now they are old like me
But there are only a few that I misplace

I wonder if they have the same collections
In pictures frames and boxes, just like mine
And take a sneaky peek now and then
To ensure that everything still is fine

Love whispers softly

In the little house on the elven hill
Where underneath the tiny elves are living
In their splendid palaces and castles
The bell tolls, for it is time for giving

In the great hall you can hear the music
And the whisperings of the growing grass
You’re mesmerized by the sparkling diamonds
Who are reflected in the crystal glass

You smell the scent of snow white moon flowers
Which erupt out of the glare of the sun
And are collected in a silver bag
With softly whispers of which love is spun