Wisdom is like the fruit of a tree
They must come to maturity
Picked too early and eaten
It will not become

Fear not to be the wise way
But it is wise to find
Otherwise the blossom will
Blow away in the wind

It bides his time and shows its fruit
In understated splendor
And does not participate in all the haste
To equal in wild chase

Wild hours of surrender

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
If you would enter my impetuous dream with me
Into my domain where nothing is kind or tender
And only passion and turbulence exists to be

I ran a sharp fingernail down your chest
You could scarce control the urge to grab me
Just pulled me ferocious against your breast
Tried to limit your craze to some degree

Ached for me to follow all the way through
Your control slipped with every brazen word
And by the time you whimpered and withdrew
You had my innards feverishly stirred

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
Of my undreamed sensual passion and secret yearning
But I would rather like to remain a pretender
‘Cause once I tell you, my dreams wouldn’t be returning


Today …
I will love exuberant
My eyes are shining clear
Nice things are happening
I don’t know how to fear

Tomorrow …
I urge my heart to restrain
The sun could be gone
I don’t hear what you say
I choose a path of dawn

Today …
I am a dreamer
I hear what the song tells
I fantasize of romance
I hear tunes of freedom and spells

Tomorrow …
The scars are back
I only comprehend goodbyes
My heart is bleeding
I sense lovers cries

Today …
My pride goes on the run
I know what all people say
The memories will remain
I am doing it my own way

Tomorrow …
The madness is overwhelming
I forget about starting anew
Devil and angel inter-flow
I forget about me and you

Today …
I feel there is nothing wrong
The whispers soothe my mind
I can slay all my demons
All is good and aligned

Where will I be

Where will I be when I reached the end
Where am I going when I cross the line
Will all my fights be meant
Will my loved ones be fine

Can I live with sadness
Can I die with regret
Can I still feel the madness
Or is it a blessing I will forget

Will I leave with a smile in my heart
Or are the tears flowing down my face
Will I feel defeated and fall apart
Or shall I bow to life and leave with grace

Am I in the company of strangers
Or are my friends and family around
Am I glad I left this world and all its dangers
Or is there so much more to be found


Knock, and it shall be opened unto you
Ask and you shall receive
Seek and you shall find
But …
On which door do you knock?
What do you ask?
What are you looking for?
Or …
On which are you focusing?
The positive or negative?
Obtaining or not?

The results will give you direction
The nature of your conviction
And remember, you’re really in a position
To create your own world

It’s your choice
only yours

When times passes by

When time passes by and you don’t know where you have been
You need to reflect of all the things you let within

It is the moment to consider your direction
The real purpose of your life and your true intention

To let go of the people who let you down and leave
To say soothing words of farewell and take time to grieve

This way you create space for ideas and a restart
To dream of and design your life as a work of art

Shake your sorrows and your pains and leave your gloom behind
Get yourself spiritual freedom and peace of mind

The world can run without you for a while, bask your life
Because all quarrel and troubles of mankind is rife

So to all of you I wish to share this prophecy
It is my solemn but valuable philosophy

We don’t want to share

We live in a world of abundance
But we simply do not want to share
Who knows there comes a difficult time
Where we require extensive care

The prospect that there is nothing left
Gives us a creepy and dreadful fright
We’re afraid of losing everything
We lost humanity out of sight

So we keep saying stay where you are
Do not leave your country or your home
The world isn’t a very nice place
It will be much safer not to roam

And every night on the evening news
We see your starvation and despair
And in our cosy and loving homes
We still wonder how much you can bear

I see the tears and the sunken cheeks
My heart is bleeding and rips apart
And with suffocation of my soul
I shamefully open up my heart


Waiting, waiting, all day long
Alone in bed on my back
‘Till the doctor comes along
I am feeling like a wreck

Please tell me please what is wrong
Why I’m feeling so down
I really thought I was strong
But now I’m feeling rundown

Like a train wreck passing by
Not yet certain of its faith
My body heaves a big sigh
Destined to be a grand wraith