A smile on my face

I saw a picture the other day
It puts a smile on my face
It was a kitten gone astray
I followed her just incase

She searched in the alley
To the right and to the left
She wasn’t dilli-dally
She didn’t look she was bereft

She conducted a deliberate course
She knew where she needed to go
Because the smell of the source
Was almost touchable you know

And yes finally there it was
In the corner behind a box
A tiny creature with sharp claws
Blowing and screeching like a fox

The little kitten was surprised
Of the enormous noise that was produced
It almost looked a wolf disguised
Her self-confidence was reduced

She meowed and fluffed her back real high
Then blew very hard as if to say
You can screech but you cannot defy
Today you are going to be my prey

The little creature then stood tall
Her head upright real proud
I am not afraid of you at all
And with a gorgeous smile she bowed

She fluffed her feathers and turned away
With pride in her tiny eyes
And when she was almost halfway
She shook her wings what was unwise

Because that little hesitation
Caused a stir in the little cat
And with great dedication
She jumped on top and that was that

She cleaned her whiskers and her paws
And with a big smile on her face
She stretched her tiny claws
From the little bird there was no trace

So if you see a little kitten
Don’t ever think she is incapable
Because there has never been written
That a kitten can’t be inescapable

Written in the sand

I walked along the seashore
My heart full of angry emotion
I wanted to shout out loud
Let it flow over the ocean

Instead I took up some driftwood
And wrote my anger in the sand
And near the water’s edge I noticed
I could hold my temper in hand

So all the ill thoughts of you
Won’t pass my lips today
Because this evening’s surf
Washed my anger away

Your hands are signs of love

I look at my old hands and smile
They have been hurting for a while
They look like parchment and are frail
Unsteady, delicate and pale

They have worked hard and for so long
They gave solace, they can be strong
My sore fingers are oddly bent
But still I am fine and content

‘Cause what I see is all that’s good
They loved a lot and understood
The power of consolation
Of awareness and creation

Grandmother’s hands are just a gem
I would never try to hide them
Every imperfection and scar
I know how beautiful they are


Where did they go
The thoughts I used to have
The words I used to say
The dreams that used to flow?

Where did they go
The friends I used to have
The songs I used to sing
The heart I used to know?

Where did they go
The family I used to have
The things I used to do
The joy I used to show?

It all sank in the sea of forgetfulness
That’s why I found a new way
Of dealing with my absent mind
It’s woolgathering awareness

So if you ask me where I’ve been
The answer can be ridiculous
Maybe I was dancing with the muggles
Or with the spiders under my skin

But you can be sure I am not far away
I’ll be just a few minutes gone
Because even in the strangest places
I will find the here and now holding on

Without you again

Without you there is no cold
Only happiness and joyful tears
Without you I’m happy as can be
Overwhelmed with a lot of cheers

Without you there is no pain
Just pleasure in my heart
Without you my mood is stirring
We will ultimately be apart

Without you I found my home
Full of happiness and no despair
Without you I can do anything
I have all my love to share

Without you

Without you there is no warmth
No gladness and no tears
Without you my life is sad
Avoid of any cheers

Without you there’s only pain
Of an abandoned heart
Without you my mood is inert
Our lives will rip apart

Without you I’ll aimless roam
In sadness and despair
Without you I’m terrified
There’s nothing left to share


Wisdom is like the fruit of a tree
They must come to maturity
Picked too early and eaten
It will not become

Fear not to be the wise way
But it is wise to find
Otherwise the blossom will
Blow away in the wind

It bides his time and shows its fruit
In understated splendor
And does not participate in all the haste
To equal in wild chase

Wild hours of surrender

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
If you would enter my impetuous dream with me
Into my domain where nothing is kind or tender
And only passion and turbulence exists to be

I ran a sharp fingernail down your chest
You could scarce control the urge to grab me
Just pulled me ferocious against your breast
Tried to limit your craze to some degree

Ached for me to follow all the way through
Your control slipped with every brazen word
And by the time you whimpered and withdrew
You had my innards feverishly stirred

I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender
Of my undreamed sensual passion and secret yearning
But I would rather like to remain a pretender
‘Cause once I tell you, my dreams wouldn’t be returning


Today …
I will love exuberant
My eyes are shining clear
Nice things are happening
I don’t know how to fear

Tomorrow …
I urge my heart to restrain
The sun could be gone
I don’t hear what you say
I choose a path of dawn

Today …
I am a dreamer
I hear what the song tells
I fantasize of romance
I hear tunes of freedom and spells

Tomorrow …
The scars are back
I only comprehend goodbyes
My heart is bleeding
I sense lovers cries

Today …
My pride goes on the run
I know what all people say
The memories will remain
I am doing it my own way

Tomorrow …
The madness is overwhelming
I forget about starting anew
Devil and angel inter-flow
I forget about me and you

Today …
I feel there is nothing wrong
The whispers soothe my mind
I can slay all my demons
All is good and aligned