Look at infinity

With her gaze at infinity
She stood still waiting for the train
And leaving everything behind
No one left, nothing to explain

She was all alone in this world
No better half or even friends
Everyone was already gone
Nobody there to make amends

The train was almost arriving
She heard the soughing of a wave
A distinct sound of the whistle
She took the last step to her grave

Locked all doors

I forgot what real love should be
Since the last time you held me in your embrace
You gave me back my broken heart
Said your final goodbyes, left without a trace

I will repair the stolen trust
Try to leave the hurt behind and close all doors
It takes some hard time to adjust
For as long as I’ve known I was always yours

Finally I let my love go
With lonely empty feelings, I gave up hope
Before the night is gone I know
I’ll be really fine, I’m sure that I can cope

I have locked all doors one by one
Just kept a special room in my heart for you
If you come back there will be none
Only some sad memories you put me through

Lives intertwined

Someday you just wandered in
It was a decision deliberately made
The thought of a warm place to stay
And for just a moment not to be afraid

You were fed and you were loved
And gave the same love back to me
You could come and you could go
Had your freedom to some degree

One day winter turned into spring
The urge to leave was too great
You bowed your head and left my place
To accommodate your fate

Summer went, a chilly autumn came
And suddenly you were scratching at my door
With a pleading glimmer in your eyes
Asking for a winter’s home once more

Year after year you came and went
The feeling you always left behind
Was the love that was ever there
Because our lives are intertwined

Little miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

She is always my little miss Sunshine
She is at any time here for me
Although we don’t have the same bloodline
We are family as always meant to be

She is just like a fairy, tiny and frail
But in her loving she is very strong
And in lifting me up she will never fail
In her heart forever is where I belong

She is my bicycle, with wheels that turn around
She’ll never give up, push you to great heights
And still manage to stay firm on the ground
When clouds are dark she gives you hope and lights

She is a bundle of happiness and bliss
Like wind in your hair and sunshine on your face
Pure joy is the sweetest part of this
The friendship to each other time will not erase

Our lives are like redwood framed windows
Easy to lean on and with a marvelous view
Just the addition of a few pillows
And the restful thoughts that I pursue

We are kindred spirits, friends of the old
We called it anam cara many years ago
In the time of fairies and pots of gold
We are heart friends with silver strings, I know

And even on a sunless afternoon
Her spirit is shining bright
She will dance to our song
With utter pleasure and delight

Little girls

Two beautiful little girls
My grandchildren six and four
With the brightest smiles on their faces
They are always asking for more

Grandma, will you paint my nails
Grandpa, can I play with your keys
Grandma, a few more kisses
Grandpa, one last story please

Two little children having so much fun
Curious of the world around
Glittering eyes of mischief
And the best love you ever found

Life after you

Of course there is life after you
Don’t tell me that I am wrong
I know I can depend on me
I know that I’ll be strong

It wouldn’t be fun any more
But it is needless to say
That without a doubt
I will go my own way

Because I was always taught
To take great care of me
To not depend on you
And live my life free

So even when you’re not here
I still be wandering around
I will not wait aimlessly
Until my life is found

Letter to myself

When I grow old I want to be famous
The most outstanding lady in the world
With exquisite makeup and colourful nails
And with hair in abundance curled

I want to do a job that is important
Be a people mender or building things
Perhaps a country singer or a painter
Who paints the most graceful fairy wings

I want to write a book about nothing
Or of all the things worthwhile
Just some nice and awesome lines
That would make everybody smile

And I would want to meet mister right
The man who loves me dear
Who understands my joyous spirit
One who could always persevere

In return I would always love him
I would destroy the walls around his heart
We would dance among the shining stars
And nothing could ever tear us apart

Leaving a fragrance

Inspired by an incredible sense of self
And unabashed spirited femininity
I give the world a timeless passionate fragrance
A love story that lasts until infinity

My sophistication is intertwined with romance
The intoxicating scent is honest and pure
It feeds the poetic depiction of magic
The elegant confidence is here to endure

Last day

When my last day has come
My love please let me be
A simple flower is enough
Your endless love will set me free

No long speeches for me
Let me stay in your heart
And some day we will meet again
Our hearts no longer be apart

Just celebrate my life
Of whom I am and was
Strong and loving, fun and caring
With all my weaknesses and flaws

Remember me for all
And I will wait for you
By that sparkling star left above
I reserved a table for two

Take your time I will wait
For eternity and more
My love for you will ever last
Like endless breakers on the shore

La Patron

She was the Goddess and she gave him a mission
He would accept this task without hesitation
The Goddess gave him her blessing and full support
And handpicked the only true one as his consort

He was as imperious as a man could be
In upholding the standards of the old decree
So when someone or something quietly changed the rules
He reacts fearless and gathers required tools

She was the one promised to him by the Goddess
An unsurpassable treasure trove of promise
Whatever he needs she would without doubt provide
They’d live together and rule the world side by side

The mating call was answered and wishes fulfilled
Their first litter of pups left him angry, but thrilled
Her life was stirring and spiralled out of control
But they found their love was strong and learned to console

When the enlarged wolves den grew stronger and stronger
She realizes she’s not weak any longer
Their combined forces take on the mighty challenge
And with the help of the Goddess they find balance

They want the entire nation to celebrate
That the great gift from the Goddess will dedicate
Their reign in providing harmony and unity
And love and commitment for the community