Night dreamer

I am dreaming the night away
Making up stories you won’t believe
But when I’m awake during the day
There is nothing I can achieve

Because when the sun is shining
My thoughts disappear like cotton wool
And all dreams with a silver lining
Fading until the moon is full

Only then I can write my thoughts down
In the early hours of the night
The rhymes are easy flowing around
Help me carefree towards the light

Never let me go

He told me I was stupid
That I couldn’t do anything right
He made me feel I was worth nothing
That is why he kept me tight

He cut me off from people
Who loved me and were special to me
He made me feel stupid and obliged
And convinced me heatedly

He taught me how to obey
And pushed me around, drove me to tears
He was the only one I needed
Then caressed away the fears

He made me beg for my life
Then he handed out the final blow
And made sure I truly understood
He would never let me go

Narrow minded

I wonder why humans can be so intolerable
And why it always hurts so much
When you are at the receiving end
Of that unreal and narrow-minded touch

What kind of genes are the cause of hypocrisy
I’d like to know how bigotry was originated
Why we can’t get along with each other
And where that jealous feeling was created

Some people say religions are the same
They all worship just one god
It is just very unfortunate
But the perception of these gods is odd

And then there is homo-sexuality
Some say it’s just a disease
Other people are terrified
And it is giving them great unease

And why is it that the colour of our skin
Creates a pointless small-mindedness
And the perception that they are less
Is only surpassed by farsightedness

I guess that finally the time has come
To get real and stop to believe
In what others say and only trust in yourself
Open your mind and let your heart perceive

I don’t mind who or what you are
Nothing will ever get me scared
For me there’s only one important thing
In my heart I know that I have cared

My special boy

Look at my beautiful child
The symptoms may be mild
But he needs special care
And all the love we share

He is an autistic little boy
And gives us so much joy
Always a smile on his face
Take him in your embrace

Because a cuddle he likes best
We truly are feeling blessed
When the joy reaches his eyes
You’re feeling he is your prize

My moment

Why would you miss this chance
This is my moment
The clash of anxieties and dreams
This is my moment
I don’t want to hold back
This is my moment
I want to be free to dance
This is my moment
Are you going with me?
Or do you let me go
Do not hold me tight
do not stop me
let me fall
do not cling onto me
This is my moment
Let me fear
but I m not afraid
Let me fall
And I am back on my feet
Give me love
Because this is my moment

My little angel

I ask my angel for forgiveness
The tears are falling down my face
If there was only a possibility
I would have folded you in my embrace

It made no sense, you looked so fine
Are you a lost angel now with translucent wings
I lost my way, wanted to show you all my love
I would have given you delightful things

You are playing with my heartstrings
I still sing you a song each day
About a little taste of heaven
I will never forget, I’ll never go away

I’ll try to hold you in everlasting time
But a guardian angel guide you home
Angel Dust is floating down my head
I wipe my tears away, now I am alone

My heart is pounding

My heart is pounding, pounding
It doesn’t know the rhythm anymore
My brain finds it amazing
The things my heart is crying for

The brain is swelling, swelling
My skull is way too small
For the thoughts of compassion
For my loved ones above all

My skin is crawling, crawling
My hair just stands upright
Something creepy is coming
I’ll close my eyes real tight

My feet are running, running
Just right up to the edge
No do not worry, I will not jump
That I can solemnly pledge

The clock turns to midnight
Time to go to sleep
I’ll cuddle up into your arms
Because you’re mine to keep

The pink bike

A young man comes to court
He must answer for his deed
Of all the things were tort
It was his time to treed

Instead of repent however
He comes with a story about his act
And thinking he was very clever
He stated things as they were fact

When he was just a little boy
He had everything his heart desired
He lived his life in smiling joy
And was by all greatly admired

He did not have to ask his mom
Whether it was a sandwich or a toy
Whatever he wished with great aplomb
His mom surfeit through excess cloy

He was always cheerful and content
Nothing too crazy or too weird
There was nothing of discontent
And his mom never interfered

But man, the judge said suddenly impatient
What was so bad, why did you go astray
Did you think the laws were of the ancient
Or doesn’t it fill you with dismay

No sir, my mom is the sweetest of them all
She has always done everything for me
But she really never had the gall
To disturb me or set me free

So therefore I was traumatised and afraid
There is still the thing that I dislike
Because no matter how hard I begged and prayed
She never gave me a pink bike

So when I think of my favourite toy
That pink bike comes to mind
It’s what I really would enjoy
But that was the one thing she declined

My fairy Godmother

She wished me prosperity and curiosity
As well as a generous state of mind
She wished me exuberant dreams in ferocity
And all the inspiration I could find

She taught me to have a conversation with the moon
And how to kiss a frog into a prince
To sip inspiration on a lazy afternoon
From the pool of wonderment and convince

That white pumpkins and fairytale coaches are the same
And sleeping in castles just takes a sheet
To create an enchanted wood or fairy wing frame
And caterpillars are just very neat

My fairy godmother gave me fireflies and dreams
Taught me that secret whisper must be loud
Tears are in truth coloured candies who float into streams
And you can see miracles in a cloud

Moral courage

“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”
It seems to be for most people an oddity
Because what they want takes at any time precedence

Only few people will stand up for what is right
And know where they belong in time, space or dimension
The rare who will criticize and put up a fight
Who don’t seem to care about adapt or convention

There are those who are doing what has to be done
Some say they are heroes, but they will say they are not
It is just that they have fearlessly overwon
The terrifying cleverness of the Gordianknot

Against all odds, they will continue to protect
And they stand up for the vulnerable and the weak
Whatever they do, they always earn our respect
Because the sanctuary of our world is unique

“Moral courage is a more rare commodity
Than bravery in battle or great intelligence”
© Quote by Robert F Kennedy