Narrow minded

I wonder why humans can be so intolerable
And why it always hurts so much
When you are at the receiving end
Of that unreal and narrow-minded touch

What kind of genes are the cause of hypocrisy
I’d like to know how bigotry was originated
Why we can’t get along with each other
And where that jealous feeling was created

Some people say religions are the same
They all worship just one god
It is just very unfortunate
But the perception of these gods is odd

And then there is homo-sexuality
Some say it’s just a disease
Other people are terrified
And it is giving them great unease

And why is it that the colour of our skin
Creates a pointless small-mindedness
And the perception that they are less
Is only surpassed by farsightedness

I guess that finally the time has come
To get real and stop to believe
In what others say and only trust in yourself
Open your mind and let your heart perceive

I don’t mind who or what you are
Nothing will ever get me scared
For me there’s only one important thing
In my heart I know that I have cared

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