I wondered

I wondered

If I could go back in time, where would I go
To the eighties with the Tracey Ullman show
Or watching E.T. and listening to Queen
With the biggest hairstyles you have ever seen

Or would I go to the industrial age
Lavish in science fiction and fantasy
Of the Victorian-era and engage
In alternative steam punk and ecstasy

I wondered

Would I rather be the lady in distress
To be saved by a handsome round table knight
And when my castle was to be repossessed
He would protect me against evil and fight

Or could I make up a pipe dream illusion
That I was born with magical elven blood
Or dragon tears and came to the conclusion
I conquered the world with terrifying flood

I wondered

Would I have had the same dreams and ambitions
And cherished the values of times long ago
Could I have lived with unyielding traditions
Or would I have easily sailed with the flow

I’m not really sure to where I would have gone
Maybe I just like to stay in my own time
Where I can dream and fantasize and move on
To a poem with flowing rhythm and rhyme

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