I never understood

I never understood
The why and the how
How she laid the blame
Of all the things she did
To me without shame

I never understood
How nobody saw
The evilness of what she did
Why they just believed her word
How she just kept it hid

I never understood
After all these years
No one voiced their opinion
She broke and manipulated
Still managed to be the minion

I never understood
Why the hurt so deep
Lasted over all the years
Only to, in my menior days
Finally cut through my fears

I still don’t understand
Why nobody cared
Enough to safe my life
To pull me out of this hell
And the madness of the strife

I closed my eyes

I closed my eyes and I have tasted
In the knowledge that time will heal
And nothing I learned is wasted
The emerging love that I feel

I closed my eyes and I was crying
In the knowledge that he loved me
And nothing I felt was like dying
The tears of joy to set me free

I closed my eyes and I searched my dreams
In the knowledge that all was well
And nothing I heard where screams
Only exuberant revelry to raise hell

I can fly

In the middle of the night
In my warm and cosy bed
I was in a ferocious fight
And petrified of the threat

I saw monsters and a ghost
Was fighting with the devil
Probably I should not boast
But I fought on a proficient level

I fiercely stabbed with my sword
Swung exaggerated with my flail
So much moves to be explored
There was no way that I could fail

But suddenly I forgot my goal
Fell down with my feet to the sky
I knew I have to pay the toll
Tumbled down, thinking I could fly

In an instant I was awake
Lying on the cold and bare floor
I started to tremble and shake
And realized I couldn’t soar

I am lost

I am lost in a blaze of need
The urge to want to find you
But I only sense my heart to bleed
Your promise didn’t come through

I need your words like soft bells
I close my eyes and listen
To the whispering of your spells
Like sparkling sapphires they glisten

I need the touch of your hand
Your breath upon my face
Because your tinge I understand
You secured me in your embrace

I need your calm and energy
The serenity of you
Because you and I are synergy
Like the merge of drops of dew

So baby please come home to me
I’ve searched you for so long
Apart we were never meant to be
Together we remain strong

Our hearts are meant to beat as one
Like the wind chime tunes
Together we have always won
Like beach grass in sand dunes

I am a peacock

I am a peacock
I have beautiful feathers
Look at how I can sway and swing
All colours in all weathers
It almost feels as if I’m king

I am a peacock
I am the scintillating star
I am in the constellation
You can see me from afar
I look like an exaltation

I am a peacock
I’m the egg of Fabergé
Fair enamelled and engraved gold
It’s rarely seen on display
The expensive rubies look bold

I am a peacock
I am proud and I am vain
Look how I flaunt my perfect fan
I’ll always pretend or feign
That I’m the impeccable man


Longing was the appropriate word
For the feeling they all shared
The reality became a bit blurred
When the director suddenly declared

There was no longer a place for them
To share their last days together
It was a lightning stricken condemn
On a day of wonderful weather

You have to leave, there is no place
The funds are completely drained
The government gave us no space
The budget is impossibly strained

You have to find a spot just by yourself
We will no longer give you a hand
We are putting our mercy on the shelf
The closing of this home was planned

We don’t care what happens to you
We’re just pushing you out on the street
The only thing we need to do
Is try to be a little discreet

So hush you ladies, don’t tell a soul
The world doesn’t need to know
Only the elderly need to pay the toll
Accept this inhuman act and let it go

That was the moment the ladies came together
They would organize a demonstration
And on that day of wonderful weather
They gave vent to their frustration

All our lives we have worked so very hard
There was nothing we wouldn’t do
After so many years you leave us scarred
None of your promises came through

You make us feel unwanted and sad
We are unhappy and longing for a home
A place where we can stay and be glad
On our age we shouldn’t need to roam

So we ask of ministers and politicians
Keep our homes, please just let us stay
And give us the right conditions
To enjoy our old age, don’t turn us away

If you have any compassionate feeling left
Prevent we become homesick and alone
To leave everything behind and feel bereft
And desperate step into the unknown


When I think about my home, I am home
I can feel the texture of my couch
The feeling of closeness of living in my dome
Just like the warmth of a kangaroo pouch

I can smell the passiflora, spicy and strong
Or the fragrance of my son’s Just Joey rose
The purple and orange colours mixed along
Where the bright green leaves grows

I see the sticker on my wall
‘Did you already smile today’
A great big smile or just some small
Received one or gave a few away

But most of all when I think of home
I see my children and my man
That’s where my heart is wherever I roam
That is where my love began


I am so excited,
I have booked my holiday
We are driving to the south of France
Along the endless motorway

Together we will make the trip
It’s just over a thousand miles
Doesn’t matter how long it takes
We will bear it with our smiles

We are going to meet some friends
Lunch at the swimming pool terrace
And with a glass of wine in my hand
We stare at night at the Polaris

Then I think of all my friends
In the cold and still at work
I make a toast to all of you
With a whopping smirk

Hidden stories

I live in a simple house on top of the hill
The paint on the woodwork has already faded
No one is hearing my cries, I keep myself still
It has been a long time when someone invaded

I let the seawind blow my gloomy thoughts away
After all my disillusions I closed my door
I hide my desolate tears in a rainy day
Because no one I knew comes along anymore


He was disrupting her somehow
She thought he would hurt her again
But she should be real strong for now
She would not give in to the pain

She was sitting on the cold floor
And really wished that she was tough
She couldn’t take it anymore
And finally thought it was enough

Would she ever set herself free
Or was she destined for a fall
Was there a tiny chance to be
And wouldn’t she have lost it all

She contemplated, reached within
Drifted away, let herself out
Remembered how the start has been
At length was finished with doubt

It was the last straw, she would go
She was leaving this very night
Because of all the things she’d know
She was going to be alright