Longing was the appropriate word
For the feeling they all shared
The reality became a bit blurred
When the director suddenly declared

There was no longer a place for them
To share their last days together
It was a lightning stricken condemn
On a day of wonderful weather

You have to leave, there is no place
The funds are completely drained
The government gave us no space
The budget is impossibly strained

You have to find a spot just by yourself
We will no longer give you a hand
We are putting our mercy on the shelf
The closing of this home was planned

We don’t care what happens to you
We’re just pushing you out on the street
The only thing we need to do
Is try to be a little discreet

So hush you ladies, don’t tell a soul
The world doesn’t need to know
Only the elderly need to pay the toll
Accept this inhuman act and let it go

That was the moment the ladies came together
They would organize a demonstration
And on that day of wonderful weather
They gave vent to their frustration

All our lives we have worked so very hard
There was nothing we wouldn’t do
After so many years you leave us scarred
None of your promises came through

You make us feel unwanted and sad
We are unhappy and longing for a home
A place where we can stay and be glad
On our age we shouldn’t need to roam

So we ask of ministers and politicians
Keep our homes, please just let us stay
And give us the right conditions
To enjoy our old age, don’t turn us away

If you have any compassionate feeling left
Prevent we become homesick and alone
To leave everything behind and feel bereft
And desperate step into the unknown

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