Complaining, complaining, nothing else I hear
When it is not too short, it sure is too long
When it’s not too weak, it surely is too strong
Please let all your yammering just disappear

I do not think we have nothing left to spare
We can give the homeless some suitable meals
And try to understand how he really feels
We must be honest and not walking on air

Instead of magnify the Christmas disease
Can we give a hand to the children worldwide
Can we for once let anyone stand outside
Instead of insincere bending on our knees

As long as we have a roof over our head
And an exorbitant meal on the table
Do you ever think humankind is able
To try and wipe off the tears the children shed

This is meant to let you encounter unease
Will you please look at them and not close your eyes
Don’t make loud noises to obviate the cries
Oh, can we finally stop complaining please

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