Funtime in Heaven

Thank you earth

My grandmother relayed me a message
She’s been resting in heaven for a while
Lately it became awfully boring
They were in desperate need for a smile

Most residents were sleepy and dozing
There was nothing to do, they’ve seen it all
No stimulation, no fun anymore
They needed to have a masquerade ball

Then last week suddenly everything changed
David Bowie came singing swift around
Putting the biggest smile on our faces
With his ever-changing heroic sound

We like to see him as the conductor
Of a fascinating glam rocky band
He orchestrated his album black star
A swansong of a shocking end he planned

Shortly he was followed by an actor
With an ultimate two-faced devious mind
Alan Rickman brought us true mystery
Of an insightful incantations kind

We see him as headmaster of heaven
To teach us how to ensnare the senses
At the same time how to bewitch the mind
To bottle fame and wand-wave defences

And then our Rene Angelil followed
He took control of heaven right away
Because managing is in his genes
He’s always tidying all disarray

He took us swift to the bingo table
And let us choose a mesmerizing song
So David could be angelic singing
And headmaster Alan would play along

So now at length it’s fun time in heaven
We keep our coloured translucent wings furled
For the bottled fame, the high-roller stakes
And for the man who could have sold the world

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