Family portrait

Grandpa is a friendly man
A heart as big as the sky
His arms are warm and cozy
He is just a simple guy

Grandma on the other hand
Is a bundle full of skills
She is always creative
With unnecessary frills

Son number one is restive
Wants to roam around the world
Live this life to the fullest
With his mighty wings unfurled

Daughter one is fidgety
She is always on the run
She must be strong for she is
Married to my eldest son

Son two is comprehensive
His face always has a smile
He can love the whole wide world
And be very versatile

Daughter two is impatient
Life cannot go fast enough
Although life throws her lemons
She still maintains strong and tough

There was a gift from heaven
With help from a petri dish
She was born with smiles and joy
As a long-waited-for wish

The last kid is the finest
She is amazingly sweet
And with this last addition
Our family is complete

Oh my, I almost forgot
Do you see that totem pole
The cats living in our house
Rule us all in full control

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