The Shakespeare café

See the streets of delightful paradise
The cosy cafe of the man so wise
That even a few centuries later
We still assume he was even greater
Than the paramount man we ever knew
At any rate from our point of view

But then when you take an amended look
At what he wrote in his first-folio book
He disregard to take sufficient time
Wrote thoughtful words and rhymed because of rhyme
There is no inhibition to be fair
He just penned some single words of despair

Our brilliant Shakespeare you must commend
Lived his life and his art to comprehend
His own greatness and lost years of his youth
To clever use his words, present his truth
If you have read his words you must agree
He only is as excellent as me

He composes in syllables of ten
Then the same rhythm can come out my pen
And if he can write about lovers lost
Of sensations that lovers trust is crossed
What will prevent me from doing the same
I can think of my poems without shame

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