The philosophy of the pavement edge

The philosophy of the pavement edge

Let me tell you about my philosophy
Of the pavement edge
It is just my private prophecy
It is a very narrow ledge

We are all standing at the same height
A pedestal does not exist
We all are in our own right
It’s a belief with a twist

There’s nothing higher than the pavement
But you sure can fall down deep
This is my clear and proper statement
So don’t you go playing on the steep

There is only one way to fall in the gutter
It is caused by your own stupidity
So don’t you start to mutter
Unless you are obsessed with your morbidity

I cannot push you from this ledge
The only way that you can slip
Of that famous pavement edge
Is to totally lose your grip

And because once you fell way down below
You are never going to get up again
This is something you should know
There will be no time to complain

So before you judge and make your statement
Please think before you speak
Cause once gone from that pavement
There’s nothing more to seek

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