Red hat ladies

When I walked past I noticed three old ladies on a bench
They behaved high-spirited as they were simply a wench
At first sight I thought their retirement surely must have come
But they seem so talkative and very adventuresome

They sipped their coffee and were laughing like sweet little girls
Dressed with flowers on their bold red hats and earrings with pearls
Gossiping the morning away with scintillate laughter
I thought this was something everybody have sought after

Carefree and fearless they were dancing through their bursting lives
Filled with impartial love as girlfriends, grandmothers and wives
One of the white-haired ladies grinned and winked a flirty eye
When a man on roller skates in his eighties passed her by

I snickered delighted and asked if I could join the fun
Let their joy ease my sorrow and let me in on the pun
But well of course dearest girl, they all three said straight away
Enjoy like you are without a care in the world and play

So from now on I have three new old souls for which I care
And you can guess the kind of headgear that I gladly wear
I bought myself a bouquet of flowers for my red hat
And I enjoy immensely from my daily fun and chat

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