Hear my voice, hear my news
I have an important declaration to make
It is something not entirely amuse
There is some big event at stake

It is the year of nineteen fifty seven
That wonderful day of June the thirteenth
There comes a dazzling baby from heaven
Not on the twelfth of the fourteenth

Just on a simple Thursday night
It is the 164th day of the year
There comes a beautiful girl in sight
At this time it is still unclear

How she is like, what she will achieve
But there is one thing I can predict
She is the one you should believe
The best mediator in any conflict

Because I can surely guarantee
She will see the cons and pros
And while everybody can disagree
Eventually she is the one who knows

If you have a problem that needs to be solved
And you can’t find the answer on your own
Just ask her if she wants to be involved
And lead you by the hand into the unknown

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