Old abandoned house

I close my eyes and see our house
With the chipped front door out of its rods
The faded paint, the crooked window frames
It is still standing against the odds

When I put one foot over the threshold
I see my childlike drawings on the wall
The wear of the carpet in the hallway
Where we were having a ball

I see a shallow hole in the paneling
Where you slammed your fist
Because you were enraptured
The first time that we kissed

I notice the abundant food stains
Of spaghetti sauce and peas
And recollect the cleanup
Of yogurt and cream cheese

I remember all the obstacles
The pitfalls and the cracks
But also the enduring love
The way we used to relax

We left this place a long time ago
Children grown, this house too large
But after all these long forgotten years
Even so it has a positive charge

Occasionally, when I come down here
It still gives me a rouse
Because I will never cease to love
This old abandoned house

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