I’m not a racist, I love all people
I am not preaching from a steeple
I hate religious terrorists who want to rule the world
Who think they can change our pattern whorled

The largest mass destruction is being conducted in the name of allah
You are missing the crucial brain part amygdala
If you want to believe, believe in humanity, in love
Not in an ethereal creature somewhere above

If I find that you are worse than a beast
And now I am fairly mild to say the least
Then that is my right of mind
Because of all that I am, I am not blind

It is not up to you to punish us
You are just a mean human cuss
If you can’t respect my life then that’s the obliteration of you
You won’t exist very long and that’s my point of view

If you are so desperate to meet with your creator
Don’t turn the rest of us into a hater
Just leave this world the same way you came
As dust to dust, but with big shame

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