A thousand dances

I dreamed last night that you would give me a fair chance
So I could hold you in my arms at the last dance
As if we danced a thousand dances together
We endlessly waltzed the night in summer’s weather

You left me breathless with your penetrating gaze
I felt empyrean in your soundless appraise
As if we spoke a thousand senseless wordless words
We shared a strong feeling of freedom, just like birds

But then you hurt me, you said I didn’t belong
You knew from the start that all was utterly wrong
As if a spiral sucked my heart into the void
It did hurt as if I was thoroughly destroyed

How strange that you led me first to heavenly bliss
Took me by the hand and gave me a soaring kiss
As if you guided me to the end of the shore
Then clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly anymore

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