A shadow in the shade

The feelings came back in a whisper
Just like a shadow in the shade
With closed eyes she searched her memory
And suddenly she was afraid

This new feeling was irresistible
Although she had her share of love
She had never felt this yearning before
Like the touch of a velvet glove

His embrace broke down her defences
The iron bars around her heart
Their bodies pleasurable entwined
She lost herself right from the start

Her sensual body pressed to his
The sensitive kiss was deeply felt
His caress made her loose her sense
Her heart suddenly began to melt

Was this emotion the real thing
Or was it just some feverish lust
Was she destined for magical times
And was this man worth her love and trust

Every minute she spent with him
She felt safe in his strong embrace
Dreams turning into reality
Finding herself in an endless chase

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