Today …
I will love exuberant
My eyes are shining clear
Nice things are happening
I don’t know how to fear

Tomorrow …
I urge my heart to restrain
The sun could be gone
I don’t hear what you say
I choose a path of dawn

Today …
I am a dreamer
I hear what the song tells
I fantasize of romance
I hear tunes of freedom and spells

Tomorrow …
The scars are back
I only comprehend goodbyes
My heart is bleeding
I sense lovers cries

Today …
My pride goes on the run
I know what all people say
The memories will remain
I am doing it my own way

Tomorrow …
The madness is overwhelming
I forget about starting anew
Devil and angel inter-flow
I forget about me and you

Today …
I feel there is nothing wrong
The whispers soothe my mind
I can slay all my demons
All is good and aligned

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