The white wolf

Lonely she wandered through the barren mountains
In search for something she didn’t yet understand
She drank from the water of nature’s fountains
And to nourish herself she ate from the land

She disguised herself as much as she could be
Because her white fur was clearly visible
In the background of bushes and a bare tree
She could never afford to be fallible

When the snow melted and spring was almost near
She knew she had to move further up the hills
That in-comprehensive feeling still unclear
The inexplicable yearning gave her thrills

Suddenly this restless feeling disappeared
Resplendent love overflowed her unfilled heart
And all of the loneliness she ever feared
Could not have prepared her for this glorious start

There was a heartfelt and instant connection
Her world now bathed in dazzling radiant light
The lonely black wolf stroked her with affection
She finally knew that her world would be all right

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