Smoky pub on a rainy night

Will there ever be an amount of time that I don’t feel the smite
Of the loss of that song in a smoky pub on a rainy night
Will I forget the magnitude of losing my foolish mind
And the musical fascination of the love I leave behind

Where can I find the magic I need if I want to change the world
The scars upon my flesh are healed, but the wound to my heart is whirled
Do I carry all the power inside myself to gain control
Like in the tearful songs you hear the breaking of your heart and soul

The eagerness to live beyond everlasting time and places
To forget about the nasty moments and the lurid faces
Will it be an illusion of the fear I want to leave behind
Or is it my expectation and foolish heart that has been blind

You realise that we are the only ones who can free ourselves
The moment when you fling the windows and pick your soul from the shelves
And after a multitude of holes, valleys and high mountaintops
The dejection and loneliness slows you down, but it never stops

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