Papers, papers, papers all around
What should I do with it
Should I keep them with a string bound
Or stack them neatly fit

I’ve got some writing paper, crisp and clean
Flimsy paper weighing like feather
The most exquisite drawn lines you’ve ever seen
Perfect white and bound in leather

I’ve got vellum smooth as a babies skin
The finest parchment durable for time
It looks so good when mixed in
With Calligraphy letters of rhyme

Then of course there is some waste paper left
With the news of everyday
It’s something you can stack to the heft
Or just daily throw away

My favourite papers are just scraps
In all the colours of the rainbow
With butterfly pictures or maps
Just any kind if I may say-so

In my treasure box I found a special one
My dissertation on humanity
The best thesis award I have won
Kept me from insanity

And in the corner of an old chest
I found some wallpaper that I left behind
You should’ve thought I was obsessed
Whatever ideas did I have on my mind

It’s just a sheet of paper you say
But you know I really must admit
I don’t want to throw it all away
I continue to gather bit by bit

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