She stood alone against the wall of the room
Her eyes were roaming over the crowd
Her gaze was off putting and you would assume
She wore a sign: ‘friendship not allowed’

But instead she was looking for the one
The only person who would see
Beyond the urge to go on the run
And saw her as she truly could be

If anyone would give her a chance
To look beyond the first impression
And search for more than just a glance
Or only see her bleak expression

They would see an amazing girl
Full of wonderful imagination
With a large fantasy to unfurl
And a great feeling for conversation

She turned away and almost left the room
When a hand was laid on her arm
A knight in his magnificent costume
Whispered I do you no harm

But will you share this dance with me
And tell me how you are
Because as far as I can see
You are my shining star

I see beyond your sadness
The suffering and the bruise
Your folly and your madness
The sorrow and the blues

I see a girl with a great smile
An eagerness for life and joy
And although you can cry for a while
There’s no one that can destroy

Your inner beauty and your dreams
The cheerfulness and charms
You will never lose that so it seems
As long as you fit in my arms

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