Lost in nothing

Superstorm Sandy, her name sounds so nice
Does she come free, or does it have a price
Is she just a girl, or is it a song
Is it somewhat good, or is something wrong

There were not enough chances to run and climb
Although they gave us a warning in time
To leave early and get out of the bay
We were still surprised and were swept away

Why are people so fully ignorant
Independent and spirit inherent
That they won’t listen to good suggestions
Only answer questions with more questions

When the floods came, we were lost in nothing
The whirlwind left us with nought or something
The full swollen rivers flooded our lands
Nowhere to hide, it was out of our hands

The wind was assaulting time after time
And when the hurricane had passed its prime
It left us with total devastation
Loss of lives and chattels desolation

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