La Patron

She was the Goddess and she gave him a mission
He would accept this task without hesitation
The Goddess gave him her blessing and full support
And handpicked the only true one as his consort

He was as imperious as a man could be
In upholding the standards of the old decree
So when someone or something quietly changed the rules
He reacts fearless and gathers required tools

She was the one promised to him by the Goddess
An unsurpassable treasure trove of promise
Whatever he needs she would without doubt provide
They’d live together and rule the world side by side

The mating call was answered and wishes fulfilled
Their first litter of pups left him angry, but thrilled
Her life was stirring and spiralled out of control
But they found their love was strong and learned to console

When the enlarged wolves den grew stronger and stronger
She realizes she’s not weak any longer
Their combined forces take on the mighty challenge
And with the help of the Goddess they find balance

They want the entire nation to celebrate
That the great gift from the Goddess will dedicate
Their reign in providing harmony and unity
And love and commitment for the community

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