Monday mornings

Every day when I wake up
I stumble through my rooms
Blindly I take my coffee cup
And inhale delicious fumes

Carefully I seek my way
Along the table to my couch
Because that is the place to stay
My favourite spot to grouch

I close my eyes and take a sip
And feel the strength within myself
To reach up, cautious not to drip
And choose a book from the shelf

When I’m reading I forget the time
Completely caught up in the tale
In romance novel or in crime
My hero always would prevail

I don’t care what tasks remain
For me to do without delay
I tell myself again and again
Just one more page and I’m halfway

The next time I glance at the clock
It’s almost five in the afternoon
I suddenly fell into a shock
The day has gone by way to soon

Shamefully I realise this won’t do
I make a promise I am certain to keep
Tomorrow I will start anew
Except for that one day in the week

On Monday mornings I have found
With a lifelong comprehension
It is just too hard to turn around
So I do not have any pretension

To wake up and cheerful start the day
The Monday morning blues won’t go
Whatever come whatever may
I’ve abandoned this perception long ago

So for six days in the week I’ll try
To first finish my chores and tasks
It’s going to be tough I won’t deny
Just keep my head up if someone asks

But Monday mornings are for me
With my coffee and to grouch
On this day I am an absentee
In my favourite spot on my couch

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