A Ghra A Amhain

A ghra, A amhain, my love, my only one
Do I know you well or do I fail to understand
Am I just keeping a brave face
Or am I wandering in no man’s land

Why am I trying so hard to disappear
Blending in behind the crowd
And on the other hand I do my best
To succeed because I’m really proud

Of what I’ve accomplished and who I am
Of all the hugs I freely gave
To all the strangers in the world
But then there’s nothing left for me to safe

I wonder if I was meant to be
An anonymous and faceless stranger
To give a helping hand here and there
And then to disappear without any danger

On second thought I’m fairly sure
I have confidence enough
I think I have earned the right
To be a bit bold and tough

And yet again I end my poem
The same as I begun
With a mischievous grin
A ghra, A amhain, my love, my only one

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